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Mel sincerely enjoys the opportunity to speak to young professionals and student groups. Here’s what some of her audience members have had to say:

“Thank you for coming to speak to us. You provided more information to us than most recruiters and engineers have over the last year.  Our members really enjoyed listening to you and getting your view on finding a job and negotiating pay. Many of our female members really liked the information on standing up in a field dominated by men.” – USF Student & ASCE Member

“Thank you for coming out! It’s a pleasure to have you share some of your sardonic wisdom about the job market. I appreciate the honesty with which you interact with us students… You are very upfront about cutting through all the hugbox horse**** we are taught about the job market from school. I appreciate your transparency and honesty.” – USF Student and TBAEP Member

Mel speaking to ASCE group at USF


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