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#0 – Introduction to STEMxm

#1 – Jill Tietjen, Electrical Engineer (show notes)

#2 – Lynzie Nebel, Plastics Engineer (show notes)

#3 – Jessica Rodriguez-Gomez, Transportation Engineer (show notes)

#4 – Maia Weinstock, Science Writer (show notes)

#5 – KT Moran, GeoChemist (show notes)

#6 -Holly Nelson, Environmental Scientist (show notes)

#7 – Corrie Moreau, Biologist/Entomologist with specialty in Evolution (show notes)

#8 – Kayla Carter, Bio-Medical Engineer (show notes)

#9 – Special Episode: A conversation with Mariel Kolker & Dr. Jack Gilbert ~ post-election (show notes)

#10 – Patricia Valoy, Civil Construction Engineer (show notes)

#11 – Jen Schmidt, Plastics Engineer (show notes)

#12 – Vanessa Vakharia, Mathematician (show notes)

#13 – Sarah Noble, Planetary Scientist & Lunar Geologist (show notes)

#14 – Mary Anne Holmes, Geoscientist (show notes)

#15 – Andrea Goulet, Coder and CEO of Corgibytes (show notes)

#16 – Thea Sahr, Avery Bang, and Menzer Pehlivan discuss DiscoverE and the upcoming Dream Big engineering film (show notes)

Water and Wastewater Career Series

#17 – Stacy Passaro, Wastewater Engineer and Operations expert (show notes)

#18 – Kristiana Dragash, Water and Wastewater Master Planning Environmental Engineer (show notes)

#19 – Emilie Moore, Drinking Water Treatment Process Designer & Environmental Engineer (show notes)