STEMxm 07: Entomologist & Evolutionary Biologist, Corrie Moreau

Dr. Corrie Moreau, Entomologist

STEMxm Episode 7 – 
Interview with Dr. Corrie Moreau, Evolutionary Biologist & Entomologist
Dr. Corrie Moreau holds Bachelor and Masters degrees from San Francisco State University. She earned a PhD at Harvard. Currently, Dr. Moreau is a Curator at the Chicago Field Museum of Natural History, and she holds a faculty position at the University of Chicago. Dr. Moreau’s professional interests include the origin, evolution, and adaptation of species and maintenance of symbioses; read more about how research interests and pursuits here.
Women in Science group at the Natural Field Museum
PBS – Still airing great shows where kids can learn about interesting careers in science, etc. 🙂
Brain Scoop stuff featuring Dr. Corrie Moreau
Up-regulating (as in up-regulating the host’s diet)
What Corrie was studying at the time of the interview: Turtle Ants or Cephalotes
Corrie’s favorite – Caphalotes Varians
Alexander Wild Photography – Turtle Ants
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