STEMxm 05: Aqueous Geochemist, KT Moran

KT Moran, the Geochemist

STEMxm Episode 5 – 
Interview with KT Moran, Geochemist

National Association of State Boards of Geology – ASBOG

Association for Women Geoscientists – AWG

Association for Women in Science – AWIS

The Geological Society of America

American Geophysical Union – AGU

Geology Field Camp (general information)

HAZWOPR training – This was mentioned as a potential way to set yourself apart from other geoscience candidates when you’re starting out. I’ve linked to the OSHA site for more info, but before opting for an expensive online or in person HAZWOPR course, be sure to check your university or local community college to see if they offer a cheaper 40-hr HAZWOPR course.

National Oceanic Atmospheric and Atmospheric Administration – NOAA – This is the government entity KT mentioned that she wish she’d applied to when younger. You can search for NOAA job openings at USAjobs.

Research on Women in Science & Gender Bias

Women in the Geosciences: Practical, Positive Practices Towards Parity by Maryanne Holmes

Women and Pre-Tenure Scholarly Productivity in International Studies: An Investigation into the Leaky Career Pipeline by Kathleen J. Hancock, Matthew A. Baum, and Marijke Breuning

Science faculty’s subtle gender biases favor male students by  C.A. Moss-Racusina, J.F. Dovidiob, V.L. Brescollc, M.J. Grahama, and J. Handelsman

Gender and Letters of Recommendation for Academia: Agentic and Communal Differences by J.M. Madera, M.R. Hebl, and R.C. Martin

Personal finance books recommended for college students/recent grads

Automatic Wealth for Grads by Michael Masterson – There are lots of gimmicky books out there about finance. If you’re looking for a no non-sense guide, I think this book is a great place to start (especially if you are new to having serious conversations about personal finance, and wealth building).


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