STEMxm 25: Ocean Corals with Dr. Jessica Carilli

Dr. Jessica Carilli

STEMxm Episode 25 – 
Ocean Corals and Climate Change with Jessica Carilli, PhD
This is the 2nd episode in a series touching on climate change careers and research. Check out the others here:
Where Jessica earned a PhD – Scripps Institution of Oceanography
Stuff we discussed
 — How are scientists able to “go back in time” to study how the environment was on earth many years ago?
  • Ocean floor core sampling
  • Tree rings as a way to understand the environment in years past (Dendrochronology) – This audio clip is an excellent explanation of how scientists use tree rings in combination other data to perform dating: listen here
  • Ice corps from Greenland and Antarctica
  • Corals also have annual layers they grow through time. You can use these similarly
  • We also spoke with Dr. Holmes in episode 14 about core sampling!

How do scientists date this stuff? Radiometric clocks!

Now Corals…



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