The STEMxm Podcast

Are you looking for information on STEM careers?
Do you like to hear awesome stories about people rockin’ it in interesting STEM jobs?
Then you’re in the right place!
My name is Mel and I’m the host the STEMxm podcast.  The goal of STEMxm is to highlight women and minorities in various STEM fields – to bring role models to audiences who may not have access to such role models in their community.
We’ve got some amazing, successful STEM professionals lined up.  After you’ve listened to a few episodes, if you have any ideas for the show, such as an amazing STEM professional you’d like to hear interviewed, please get in touch with us here.

On a recent episode (16) we spoke with Thea Sahr, director of DiscoverE, and two engineers, Avery Bang and Menzer Pehlivan, featured in the film Dream Big: Engineering our World.  Check out the preview!