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My name is Mel and I’m the host of the STEMxm podcast.  The goal of STEMxm is to highlight women and minorities in various STEM fields – to bring role models to audiences who may not have access to such role models in their community.


We’ve got some amazing, successful STEM professionals lined up.  After you’ve listened to a few podcast episodes, if you have any ideas for the show, such as an amazing STEM professional you’d like to hear interviewed, please get in touch with us here.


What’s going on right now?
The most recent release (episode 22) is the final in our Water and Wastewater Careers mini series. Check out episodes 171819, 20, 21 and 22 and then let me know what you think! Tracy Fanara, PhD is a manager at Mote Marine Laboratory and was featured on Myth Busters, The Search. Click the photo to see a message from Tracy on adventures in Science!

Tracy Fanara


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