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STEMxm, the STEM career podcast, is on pause. I’ve been taking some time to collect feedback from you, listeners, to understand how I can better serve you and create something really valuable for the audience. A huge  thank you to the dedicated listeners who have taken time to share feedback. *And if you want to give feedback, and haven’t had a chance to yet, please feel welcome to reach out by emailing me here.

The Feedback

Here are the most common themes I’ve heard from listeners on what they would like to see next…

  • Most STEMxm listeners are already going down a career path. They are looking for:
    • Specific advice from other women on how to succeed in male-dominated careers
    • Advice/tips on navigating a career, examples include things like
      • salary negotiation
      • handling difficult confrontations with bosses or coworkers
      • learning about options for moving up in engineering and how to pursue them
      • managing 2-career household
      • achieving career ambitions while starting a family
    • Inspirational stories of women doing awesome things
  • Beyond a podcast, listeners have asked for a space to connect with one another to get immediate advice from other women in similar peer group – early career professional women in male-dominated fields such as Engineering, Construction, EHS, Scientific Research, etc.

I LOVE these ideas and I’m so grateful to be on this journey with you, dear listeners. Based on the feedback above and all the other details folks have shared, I’m working on the next step. Please feel welcome to share additional ideas you have, and you can also sign up for the mailing list on this page to stay apprised of the next release.

Thank you again!

Earlier in 2017…

In recent episodes, we’re covering some careers and research related to climate change. Check out episode 23 with Atmospheric Physicist, Dr. Haigh episode 24 with Theoretical Ecologist, Dr. Emily Moberg, Coral Reef Bleaching on 25 with Dr. Jessica Carilli, and then Sea Level Rise on 26 with Jennifer Walker!
Prior to the current climate change series, we did a mini-series on water and wastewater careers. Tracy Fanara, PhD is a manager at Mote Marine Laboratory and was featured on Myth Busters, The Search. Click the photo to see a video message from Tracy on adventures in Science!

Tracy Fanara


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